Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nipple Alert: This has probably forgotten

Nipple Alert!

All know the scene "Sex and the City" Kristen Davis as Charlotte alias raised her chest.

Quite so offensive to show the following stars do not know what they have in the blouse, but it just shows...

Some do it more discreetly, others underestimate the transparency of their clothes, others are quite easy to put on it, and it comes to famous nipple alarm.

Here comes the Group - Oops, there's something slipped out and I have not noticed.

Milla Jovovich yet feel sure they know not yet, which it shows more than you would like.

Claire Danes is probably too drunk to remember what is just as independent.

Keira Knightley is also not immune from even the smallest breasts do not stay where they are.

Then she smiled still, the Rachel Mc Adams When they would see the photo that would be different.

For Model Alek Wek is "nipple alarm" probably an occupational hazard.

Moving on to Group: The substance is too transparent, but I can show exactly what I did.

Laetitia Casta there was very brave, actually they could have come naked to the event.

Also Elizabeth Hurley should have access to the bra.

Lady Gaga has you covered - she has her nipples taped.

Lindsay Lohan Dress, although at first sight quite honest, to second ... wow!

Sharon Stone in a very daring dress.

Rihanna even shows us her nipple piercing.

Now comes the category: I always see eh everyone everything!

Led by Katie Price who knows exactly what slips out when, how.

Also Tila Tequila applies it on it - attention one can always use.

Christina Aguilera was formerly not yet bra shirt.

Pamela Anders attracts so bright everywhere.

Here are the girls that the transparency of their clothes has misunderstood.

Fergie has above all the flash underestimated the cameras.

... just as it was Daryl Hannah.

Sarah Jessica Parker trusted her gray top too - unfortunately there is too much price.

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