Sunday, April 10, 2011

Only Bruce Willis is cooler: 'The Mechanic' with Jason Statham

With a film by Jason Statham is like a fast food menu. You always feel like it huge again and are rarely disappointed - because you really know quite what you get. Sorry, but the feeling of satiety has also never too long. With Statham's latest action-Kracher, The Mechanic 'is true just the same. This makes the film is certainly not bad - although the feeling is always: He does well, but something's missing yet? This could it perhaps not even four-star menu to be a?

It has all the classic recipes Statham movies for a successful action cinema. Rough-legged and incredibly cool loner really reflected by - and is always a fine figure. And also, The Mechanic 'is as adrenaline-soaked cracker with no problems as its predecessors, Transportation "or" Crank keep up'. Professional killer eliminates Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) in behalf of various U.S. agencies out of control spies. Their death, he can always look like a tragic accident or a natural death. Achieve this, the student, mechanics carefully the characteristics of its victims. He manages to avoid scandals or international incidents. Bishop and his job is one of the best cool, precise and brutal.

But Bishop has reached a point in his career where he thinks about to retire and live a normal life. One of his last commissions he receives from his longtime friend and colleague Harry McKenna, played impressively by film legend Donald Sutherland (If not Look Now ',' The Jury ',' Space Cowboys'). Unfortunately, Bishop is soon realized that this mission is Harry himself. But friendship notwithstanding, even the job he does with him so typical for coolness and objectivity. But as a spectator only thinks: Oh no that Bruce Willis had in the 90s, but determined not to make. Was there not even a code of honor that even as an ice-cold killer does not kill his closest friend - or is it? But times are changing obviously.

Nevertheless, it is really exciting now, because Harry's son Steve, played by Ben Foster grandiose ("The Messenger", "X-Men 3 '), is not at all with the alleged robbery of his father clear. In his rage and despair, he mutates into a true avenging angel - and has no idea that in fact responsible for Bishop's death. And that just begs Steve to help him find the killers of his father...

Jason Statham is undoubtedly one of the hottest action heroes that Hollywood has to offer at present. Also in this murderous cat and mouse game of director and action specialist Simon West ("Con Air") shows the smart actor, that he mastered his craft perfect - and even after the most savage beatings but always neat and tidy as the egg looks like. Well, a blood-smeared Bruce Willis, who is struggling with his last strength against an armada of villains, had in the 90s his own rough-legged charm.

Cinematographer Eric Schmidt makes in 'The Mechanic' in many settings that Statham in his designer outfits more like a model and not as a cold killer to come off. But that's what makes the other part of the fascinating charm of the really brutal murderer, who after his first job to listen to classical music alone. And it should at least enjoy the female moviegoers, which may often take a look at Mr. Statham's impressive six-pack. Who simply just looking for solid and entertaining action cinema come but still definitely get their money. A milestone of the genre, the film is unfortunately still not sure he is - despite some great choreographed action scenes - a bit too smooth. There must be well again soon Bruce Willis ran...

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