Sunday, June 26, 2011

The worst teachers in the movies

This week premieres 'Bad Teacher', where Cameron Diaz plays a teacher who gives questionable teachings and a terrible example to his students ... But by no means the worst professor in the history of cinema. Here are more examples to show you that every kind, talented and exemplary teacher, like "The teacher fondly," there are others who want to leave them a poisoned apple!

Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) in the series 'Harry Potter'

Snape makes life checkered Harry since set foot in Hogwarts. Brilliantly played by Rickman, has always handled the duality of his character a mystery until he kills Dumbledore - but in the end we will know the real reason behind his betrayal.

There are certainly other teachers in the school of magic that are worse than him, and Quarrel in the first film, the awkward Lockhart who comes second or later, but either way, its acidity and somber attitude will lead to the onset of our list.

IMELDA STAUNTON (Dolores Umbridge) in 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

Snape is a puppy compared to this woman who loves pink and kittens. Commissioned by the Ministry in order to get to Hogwarts, bans hundreds of things and, at its most cruel mandates punishment where it says to Harry and other students to repeat a phrase ... that is marked with blood on their hands.


An undercover detective, "Arnie" comes as a kindergarten teacher from the first class where all the little terrified, screaming to shut up, requiring discipline, which will not be allowed to go to the bathroom and we all belong. Terminator might even be a better teacher than this guy ...

SALMA HAYEK and other teachers in 'The Faculty'

In this film by Robert Rodriguez, all teachers at the school are possessed by an alien creature comes by hearing them and makes them terrible - and thirsty - monsters. As a nurse, Salma is responsible for calling all his office "routine tests" when in fact they are spreading also to the students.

Helen Mirren in "Teaching Mrs. Tingle '

Also written by Kevin Williamson, who gave 'Scream' and the previous 'The Faculty', in this film we have the obnoxious teacher Tingle, an embittered spinster who hates all students, but especially to Katie Holmes, who has opportunity to obtain a scholarship to receive the best average of his generation. However, MRS. Tingle's caught cheating on a misunderstanding and want to be expelled ... so Katie and her friends must teach him a lesson.

PAUL GLEASON (Mr. Vernon) from 'The Breakfast Club'

Caretakers of the five students who remained in detention all day Saturday, the threat from the beginning but goes to his office where he no longer strips ... reason enough to set off all the tape, where the five stereotypes of young people come to know.

BEN STEIN in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

But in another classic eighties John Hughes we have one of the most unbearable teachers in your class has all students about to die of boredom with his awful voice tone. In this classic scene we can see why one would want to avoid at all costs in its class. Here also came the sentence: "Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?"

TAKESHI KITANO of 'Battle Royale'

This cult film, the students have reached such a level of reluctance, chaos and disorder, the government chooses a full class each year to compete in a game. All are sedated and taken to a deserted island, where they must kill each other, until only one. I reasoned enough to get to school and be fulfilled and kind to your teachers?

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