Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There's the "Transformers" a contract "naked skin" clause

Can my goodness, if I may please be understood that "sexy beam" cut around the ears, I think I've still not understood. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is doing precisely their best to be a new Biatch hot on Megan Fox in Hollywood to establish and because it is just to be dressed in only a few strips of fabric to hang around London film premieres.

Everything is glued to the understanding, of course, of course, eventually you do not want cheap, but aloof and divine come across, it also Rosie helps in the distance roving "Yes, yes, I know" look and the cool smile at me but unsympathetic comes across subtly.

Yeah now blaspheming again on the perfect woman but the times viewed quite objectively. Even with the most pristine body would not make a queen of pain with breasts hanging out on every side two thousand cameras, what little dignity I treat myself. But when Rosie feels comfortable in her role as Megan Fox's understudy for the Sexy-but-brainless-slot, I will not say anything! Go for it, Mare!

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