Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Playback of Playback! By Rihanna

Hey Boy, ohohohohoooooo! Rihanna came to a sudden stop learning, thanks to her and landed on the stage is not quite as practical shoes on all fours. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer and who voluntarily so for the beauty of suffering must be pretty stupid of Pottschalk says.

Matter of opinion? May be, and indeed such a fall can happen to anyone, and I take this opportunity to wonder about a very different phenomenon. Rihanna falls during the fall and may even keep their voice. How does she manage that? You hear the so-called "clay-case" simply does not get out.

Probably it is because that Rihanna is a natural talent or possibly ... - No, that can not be right?! - Not Rihnna - Britney, yes, but not Rihanna - now trust me I still sometimes sung -.. playback.

Ahh so excited and now on the Pottschalk? Well if Britney Spears does it, then it must also Rihanna. However, Ms Spears sings live on their current "Femme Fatale" tour for the most part and gives himself in the "Playback" theme at least honest


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