Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Wife Swap "bio-waste - original or moose?

There can be only one, but sometimes parodies are so brilliant that it creates a very own character. As a big fan of the wife-swapping Pottschalk has remained a very special episode in memory, where one is not quite as spirited as a mom bewiess true nutrition expert.

"Bio? For me that is waste, too much sugar in it, it will be thick ... "- For the good milk gifts in the" non-adult "chocolate, as well as the valuable vitamins in the sausage. Had I not seen and heard with my own eyes, then I would have never believed that there exists a real character. That has to be a parody of a screenplay RTL2!

However, real life tells the best stories and normal fantastic fish in the pond of humanity, there is nothing normal what's out there. Looking Backward Evolution? No more biology and Darwinian Theory, because I want to laugh and make me not worry about the future. Provides the fun in the sometimes bitter and stupid in my life and the Caroline Kebekus RTL2 Wife Swap mum has probably taken as a model, in order to develop its own character.

In addition to the prollig ghetto brat "Rebecca" Mrs. Kebekus now has the hilarious character "Nadine Erbeerkase" in his luggage. The ingenious implementation of this template makes an absolutely brilliant parody of the original that the involuntary humor of this very tragic character auschopft actually full.

In her You Tube channel has already Carolin Kebekus some funny clips as "Nadine strawberry cheese" eingesprochen that you absolutely have to look at her and I hope very much that they stay tuned to this "role".

Nadine strawberry cheese is the first:

The original of the original:

and for the best ghetto-girl Rebecca gripes I commend you for the brilliant 'Broken Comedy' series:

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