Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bill and Tom Kaulitz in soon Sci-fi movie "The Robbers" with

If you can rely on one then at the Tokio Hotel fans. They know, as far as "their" band, that is usually always more than any normal Durschnitts journalist. For this reason, it is for some may be no big secret that Tom and Bill may soon be as big screen heroes arrive in theaters - in an admittedly somewhat strange-looking interpretation of Schiller's classic "The Robbers".

This will identify the twins, so it wants the director Christoph Gampl at least, assume the roles of Karl and Franz, the moderate in an Orwellian police state live in 2039th Karl, who impersonated by Tom will be, abhors the regime and fights as a resistance fighter with all means for his

freedom, while Franz aka Bill itself does everything for it to seize power for himself and does not ultimately even of consideration for his family. Besides the actual act that is intended to remind the basic features of the core problem in "The Robbers", the viewer gets animated gimmicks, but also a certain amount to the ears.

Putting a literary masterpiece as blatant as new members of scene can be really good, but can also go against the mighty tree, the big people have been forced to admit in front of him.

or Gampl certainly stood rather quickly that it must be the Kaulitz brothers for the film, as well could find parallels to their own lives and character traits. However, has not been officially confirmed that the guys ever feel like your project.

So far, only accumulate the rumors on the Internet, but begin filming in September, so until then we can say with certainty that if Tom and Bill will soon be involved in the film project.

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