Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swimming mermaid swimming

No chance for Charlene Wittstock! All attempts to escape from the Monegasque mini-state have been denied her, and so must the poor (mermaids) really take Miss on Saturday her husband Prince Albert of Monaco to.

Drama, drama, Hollywood! Surely you've also heard from some pretty crazy rumors that wanted to settle the future bride with a "one way" ticket to South Africa and at the airport was persuaded to Ruckkkehr. Apparently she had just learned of another previously illegitimate child of her fiance.

Whether one, two, three or four illegitimate children - the number of shocks but not really anymore, but there is a supposedly extra-piquant detail the young should be only a few weeks old, making her the prince would be so cheated! Relationship fraud Abortive attempt to escape a forced marriage, and this coming Saturday. The Pottschalk is indeed a nasty tale, but because I really do not like to believe.

In this alleged "tabloid reality" itself would have to come out Charlene Wittstock also known as "mermaid" and would therefore simply floated across the Mediterranean home. To read the "real" modern fairy tales and vorrausgegangen scandal since without it the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene's would probably be passed on to me, this story has done so but ultimately paid for both sides.

Finally happy! But it’s also the wealthy "Wedding Sponsors" of any additional attention and if we are to believe the rumors that the prince the event because of marketing costs a cent.

Clever calculated cashed or unromantic? Last night our future royal couple listened to at least dream of romantic togetherness in the harmonious sounds of an "Eagles" concert, today goes all official registry office again tomorrow and will celebrate properly solemn ecclesiastical dream wedding.

Aside from the nasty rumors have, the two also constantly repeating the comparison of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duchess, I know ...) defeated marriage.

The two do me almost sorry for the Pottschalk said, was because no other nobility wedding in advance already much reviled. Well if the expectations are so deeply disturbed Appelt, then we can surprise the two have only so positive. I'd really like the two that tomorrow they will experience the happiest day of her life, but when the public pressure that is probably very difficult.

Well this is just as the future king, prince or whatever-it-always-noble. Every coin has two sides and it’s just the latest when the doors in the honeymoon suite falls are the two certainly have their fun...

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