Saturday, July 2, 2011

Selena Gomez and Shia LaBeouf hits video

Heeuuullll! When I see this video of Selena Gomez and Shia LaBeouf, then I thought it’s come up to me painful memories. Last week was a solemn state of emergency Saturday for the Pottschalk in Berlin and that was the exception, not the CSD, but at the Transformers premiere 3. Ssshiaa KREEEIISCCH! Yes I was also in the fan crowd and had me so excited about an autograph or 1sekündigen sight, but unfortunately broke in my area so from a clumsy elbow Boxerei of any full-Aziz that my desire is as gone real.

No, the teens were not fans, they were lords adult over 40 simply unbelievable expedient, especially as the reinpreschen directly without regard for losses in the amount and where it probably did not matter that there were children in the front row.

Presumably there are also more likely to act "professional" autograph card vendor as to the real fans, because instead of "Beigeisterung" I saw only "greed" in the eyes. An extremely disappointing experience from a human perspective, especially since I've been hunting for autographs collected only really positive experience. It’s greater the mass, the greater the chance that somewhere is a rotten egg.

This allowed the Pottschalk only see the Shia LaBeouf on the big screen, even though he had two minutes before the supposed line of sight was still standing in second row. However, it creates Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf at their meeting that I can rejoice in spite of this maggoty experience really with her.

Find it really soooowasss of sweet, if a big star around the world so successful and can still look like a real fan. Justin Bieber whether there will probably sour?

Oh, what if he really loves his Selena, then he can look forward to them just like the Pottschalk! Such a cute moments but one can forget all the negative emotions and in this sense I wish you a harmonious weekend ;-)

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