Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Perry's now instead of Smurfette Snow!

No question, Katy Perry is the hottest bike had to offer in the music industry lately. The woman's voice, style and curves! Even as a woman you can see her just never satisfied...

In her latest appearance at the premiere of "The Smurfs 3D" sexy Katy slipped once again into an ultra-short and incredibly cute Smurfette dresses. A couple of pumps and matching blue here and there, a PR-pregnant butt-speed camera - all in some way without seeming cheap: A piece of art.

But what is not easy, their hair! Where on earth is the beautiful Snow-Look down? Hair black as ebony, lips as red as blood ... With their (pretty bad), bleached hair and make-up Barbie Miss Perry looks now, unfortunately, really look like a typical "California Gurl" - and that was a compliment!

"The Smurfette on her looks but! Fie! "

Katy Perry with her type-change somehow lost its charm, even if I never thought possible! The Countess is stubborn! I want the old back Katy!

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