Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buaah was really scary times!

Anyone who wants to shudder once again correctly is in "Insidious" canceled perfectly. I love horror movies, and distinguish between splatter as batons and real shockers.

Insidious is definitely a real "spine-tingling horror" shockers! That the work from the "Saw" (1!) Director and the producers of "Paranormal Activity" is I've only read in Nacheinein and that's a good thing, because otherwise the film with me ended up in a drawer, where he does not belong.

When you see the trailer, then you might think of a typical story of a haunted house, but Insidious has more to offer and I can tell now, because otherwise I would betray too much of the really interesting story.

In any case, I was the movie last Friday so flashed that I recommend him to you absolutely had to. Especially since "Inisidious" with just $ 1.5 million cost of production and suggests, in contrast to "Paranormal Activity" which was shot on purpose so amateurish, noted at the Inisidious not at you. Sees and feels at least so hot, like so many representatives of the genre would have cost ten times and the actors were great persuasive.

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