Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You see here the least romantic embrace of all time!

They are known to the couple among the teens: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! This all fits so perfectly, you may not believe it ... In a recent video now to see how Justin stalks at a concert by Selena on the stage to her (oh my goodness) to surprise.

It's really quite the grand entrance, because the teen swarm and steelier actually comes with a Bling Micro, which would even Harald Gloockler green with envy. But the blast is yet to come: he takes his wide grin Selena in the arm, but it happily humming a tune.

No deeper look into the eyes, not even a harmless Bussi. Speed of sound it makes then even get rid of it and let the poor girls is like cold coffee. It reminded me of like, "your age, let rip!" Than will be carefully teen age love.

As Selena has crept from her then Stage, go to beaver show really begins. He sings a medley of "Favorite Girl" and Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River". I then curled the chorus briefly the eardrum together out of fear, but the issue here is not to be.

By and large, a successful presentation - for Justin! It makes you wonder but in retrospect, whether he really surprises his girlfriend or just once again wanted to be on stage. The old poser ... Following the presentation gabs still warm words via Twitter from the King of Romance True to his bride: "You have done great the last night. I'm proud of you "The countess times just translated". What did a great performance because I put down again! Thank you Selena, that you have so fully vacated the place without a murmur. Happy again”

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