Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aaron Diaz wants to get back with Kate del Castillo

The truth about the separation of Aaron Diaz and Kate Del Castillo has never been said. Well, what both said was that they want, they can love and distance separated them. But now a source close to the couple says that Aaron wants to reconcile with his wife before signing the divorce.

They say that Aaron loves his former partner and hopes to return to save the actress who lasted five years. "He thinks everything can be arranged between them," were statements of an insider told the magazine TV Novelas. According to information, Diaz accepted the separation waiting for Kate to reflect on the relationship and possibly getting back together.

Kate Del Castillo so far has not considered reconciliation and the divorce process continues. It is rumored that the actor is hurt and has tried to convince Kate to attend marriage counseling and avoid divorce.

Remember the words of Aaron announcing the separation: "How hard it is to separate you from someone when there is lack of love. Even thought harder to accept that a failed relationship so nice for the success of two people with different ways." At least by Aaron, the love is but Kate for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, although they remain friends.

Hopefully that Kate anime as soon as to take the statements of the real motive which led to divorce. On the other hand, we have seen partying with Belinda Aaron but he says nadita romance.

VIDEO What Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz

VIDEO Aaron Diaz talked about his divorce from Kate

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