Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Countess and the Queen in "Zooey Deschanel" Superbash!

Ladies and gentlemen kommse closer, kommse ran! What they get here today to face is to pillory Pottis been there as never before! Introducing a verbal mud-wrestling match between the Merciless and Countess of Queen of agony!.

Today and today only, we will provide a battle that is without equal, just to clarify the question of questions: Does Zooey Deschanel's now really great dress or totally ridiculous from? Very dear audience, whether the arbitrator in this fiery style and help them fight us decide!

Round One! Ding, ding, ding! Clear the ring for the Countess!

Wow - What a woman! Ever since "(500) Days of Summer" (who has not seen yet, it should catch up quickly!) Zooey Deschanel has me with her innocent little-girl charm totally wrapped around her finger. But not on this annoying and catchy "looked at me, I'm so sweet" type, but very quietly...

Even her latest outfit delighted and thrilled me - quite the opposite of the QoQ - fully. While they were photographed in the first photograph from a somewhat unfavorable view and thus appear a little stocky, I find it in this picture just adorable and very elegant.

The black case with a playful dress-Pierrot collar and Scherpe belly is cute and elegant at the same time. Her curves are great to bear, and also get her glamorous eye make-up and tousled hairdo ne smooth first it also proves once fashionable courage and also occurs off the worn-out paths. Everything right, Zooey!

Round Two! Things nerd! The Queen of torment strikes back!

I love Zooey Deschanel - for me, the wife one of the most charming, elfin creatures that exists on our planet and just as fabulously I think their talent, at first glance somewhat frumpy appearing clothes worthy matron-50s charm into something special. Revalue Most of the time, because I'm so sorry, can I join the opinion of my colleague in this case not so.

Black and White: Great, okay also cut, because she has the figure to it. But how in the world that the one gets the idea to steal from such a ridiculous harlequin anzubammeln around his neck brace. I would still be plain to see that one as the catcher draped ruffles at the waist, not the shaggy on the neck but now it must be real.

For me, it screams more trim and corresponding total for me so do not Zooeys chic style. Does she see well just because their view does not seem right now to say, "Hey peeps, sometimes, as I have today rausgeputzt 'but rather' decorations' is an expression for the dress and I'll limit stop your lens ..."

Now it's your turn, who to her right? Fight with and tell us what you think of Zooeys bildhubschem dirt dress!

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