Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anne Hathaway always if you want wedding dress

Anne Hathaway is a actress who has a three-year relationship with Adam Shulman - admits that recently changed their thinking about marriage after seeing his best friend walk down the aisle.

"I am open to marriage. Before I went through a stage where they wanted to see everything from different perspectives to make sure I was not falling into a kind of fantasy," he told Chelsea Handler for Interview magazine."I was in my best friend's wedding just two days ago.

I saw the person you want as a sister, that person that changed my life and continues to change for the better, for I feel as close as my family, entrusted to the man she loves. I saw how happy it made him.

"It seemed like I was in a bubble all night. I thought, 'Weddings are important because they celebrate life and the possibility'."

The beautiful actress admitted that Adam is thrilled by his change of attitude, as previously confessed to not wanting to commit.

"There's a smile on the face of Adam. Maybe it's because the last few months I have done some damage, saying, 'Is marriage really a tool of oppression?" Or "Marriage was once an exchange of property!” I've had absolutely no intention of marrying in recent months, so I think that is now relieved that I've changed my mind. "

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