Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anne Hathaway raps hornier than your Mudda!

Who would have thought? In the delicate flower Anne Hathaway puts a tough rapper who swears harder than a sailor and Lil Wayne look old. In the Conan O'Brien talk show she was more than clear what she thinks of pesky paparazzi. Ever since she the new Catwoman had really sticking it to the photographers, what they obviously angry.

... I hit me off. Which is makes so cool Sun and this aggro-voice - a dream. But not only the performance, have the lyrics also had it in themselves. Roughly translated, it means about as much like, "You, I am a paparazzi ... holding my camera in your soft tissues ... I'll make my own truth, from what I see.

You just cry, that keeps me from not ... "Also, some expressions I would have marked with an asterisk. My grandma would say "Such a beautiful mouth and yet come out only toads". In Anne's case, these toads are but a blast and totally worth seeing. After the gig again a girlish giggles - too sweet. The woman is sympathetic to me from day to day.

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