Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is evil! Let's not burn you, Manny!

On Saturday gets los: Then start on the ultimate Huttngaudi ... Pro7 - it is at least announced. However, even before the Z-list celebrities make themselves the full Horst and bathe in cow dung, there are discussions about cult candidate Manni Ludolf.

On the Facebook page of Ludolfs is heavily debated by fans over the participation of the scrap dealer, because only a few are enthusiastic about his plan. Like the Countess, they fear that Manni, kindhearted and loving naive, the Medienspielchen is not up and ask him to find their way back to his roots. It’s Junkyard instead of Bravo and pasture. You, Manny!

While calculating bitch like Gina Lisa Berg or Meier Tessa feel at home in such formats and quarrels about it (maybe their only talent) would know, someone like Manny completely burned out by the station and be ridiculed.

A Facebook survey on current shows that the opinions "I think it's not a good idea. That does not fit him "and" When Manni it wants to, he participate in it "relatively balanced, but the comments read differently ... Even though every now and then someone Manni sees as the next Almkonig, the majority makes but ...

the iconic scrap dealer is way too Rolfe placed on the page, the latest candidate Alm and again a discarded ex-GNTMler. For my part I think the two clear for the most likeable and endearing participants and hope - in her ways - to a quick stop Alm. I just want the promised Huttngaudi with Gina Lisa, and their peers see. Because of me they will win the thing and recorded these unspeakable "success" for themselves. But please, but chooses not to continue Manni, who is not because of the way...

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