Thursday, August 18, 2011

Victoria of Sweden is pregnant!

Normally, yes baby news is always a cause for celebration and community oh. In Victoria of Sweden (juhu, she is pregnant) I see it somewhat differently. The poor man had in my opinion for her in various sex scandals, involved father, Carl XVI. Gustaf step into the breach, to return to make fair weather in the monarchy.

For after all the shady stories about so-called "gentlemen's evenings" no word of regret came from his royal lips. The aristocratic philanderer has simply placed on the general waiting Volksamnesie and that the DPJ on their own. Since cheating on his wife Silvia is too stupid to keep the secret and not even apologize? Old Swede, is the brash ... Well, now the whole country is in the baby fever, and the old codger got away cowardly.

Victoria I'm really sorry in this role. As she struggles so long to get married so it’s always a bit mischievous-looking Daniel to be able and enthused them to finally spend time alone with him and then rush back the media, they speculate, and even when, is where and how the baby was conceived .

Hopefully they can finally rest, when the little heir apparent (all are hoping for a boy ...) the light of day and completed the first press event. The Countess wants the two after they have fulfilled their duty so well, all the very best for the future and above all some peace....

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