Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taylor Swift lifts her skirt and revealed Schlupper Granny!

Actually, the panty-flasher of the stars is indeed a fairly sharp affair. Here is a small flashes thong in front of the jeans, because one butt cheek peeks out from under the skirt. Taylor Swift has proved over the weekend but now that such a bottom-failure also can be pretty un sexy.

In an appearance in St. Louis, a wind machine that is ventilated, the great mystery of what Taylor would wear well with the cute purple dress. It is - drum roll - an ugly, flesh-colored XXL Granny Schlupper Or is such a gut-away-thing that you order from the Home Shopping Channel for the lowest 89.90 euros and pretend to equal times 3 dress sizes less can? Exciting.

Although I find many stars at such a "mishap" insinuating pure intention, I go to Taylor's case, once strongly believe that this would not really supposed to happen, because then she would have likely wrapped in a black lace panties.

That makes the whole thing again quite like able. Sweet is also, as in singing just laughs and tries to cover up the gaffe. However, it does not succeed very well, because even after she has moved away from the wind machine, the skirt will not go back there, where to sit there. What the heck. Shit happens!

Besides you have already reported yesterday that Bridget Jones will get a sequel - and also has such Schlupper yes rumgekriegt with her prince charming! Everything that is not so bad...

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