Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prince Harry and Prince Eisherz separation news

Oh, what? Husband, Harry! What must go wrong because that one so let’s run a sweet girl? Is after only two months now again be concluded with Florence Brudenell-Bruce, for Prince Harry goes prefer to Afghanistan, when a good time to make one of the prettiest models at all, at least one well-informed insider told the British press.

He must care for his helicopter training and had no head for a relationship. But clearly, if such a person is waiting for you come from abroad to home, you're probably really not quite the thing, even I as critical (some call it even mare bite) predisposed girls to 25-year-old find just pretty as a picture and can understand any guy who turns around to this beauty.

The Queen will be glad that they still can hold together for a while, the Pound and organize as soon have a new marriage - how much they had to preach well, until the lice-grandson has finally groomed?

Meanwhile, he thinks he's in any case to the court etiquette, and takes his duties as a pilot and womanizer true dutiful. Grown up or royal Brainwashing? Well, we do not speculate too much into the story, after all was never really officially confirmed that the two were together at all. Denied, however, was nothing...?

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