Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sarah and Peter are engaged!

Since yesterday, it is THE topic of conversation: The engagement of Sarah and Peter, the supposed American Idol dream couple has given the word YES, and of course promptly put the press accordingly! Why not? They are, after all, already 18 and 19 years old and 5 months all together - there was a marriage proposal is long overdue.

But seriously: I sincerely hope that the two have actually been infected out of love with each other, the rings and not because some shrewd public relations man was of the opinion that would inflame the CD sales. Because there are so few fake relationship, but in a fake wedding of fun listening to now really.

First details about the application, of course, already been leaked - for all the love hungry, here are the Romantic overkill of the century: There were rings in white gold, a spa vacation, a heart balloon and lots of honey-sweet words like these: "We are now one! No more you and me, but we are, "cooed the love sick Pietro against And Sarah is even better set and warbled:" He's the greatest man I've met in my life, so I will not let him let go! "Hach ... What is there more to say than 'Happy' and 'care in selecting your managers'!

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