Friday, October 14, 2011

Betty White: Muscle Boys held Golden Girls - The "I'm Still Hot" music video!

What a good timing! Today I am a friendly postman, the seventh and final season of Golden Girls has brought.Now my collection is finally complete! To celebrate the day I should allow myself once a cheesecake and Betty White sings in its current electric-pop song with Luciana.

The questionable songs I had you already presented a few days ago, but just straight I'm on the finished music video an eyebrow and that's really worth seeing.

Betty White shows us here that you can "breaker" with over 80 still really cool without breaking the bones in it.

Oh you think that's a stunt double? Never! Can already at the Golden Girls, Betty White showed us how awesome they dance and I play on the episode with the "Dance Marathon" on. Oh yes, I am equally first with a few old ladies make yourself comfortable. Cheesecake-time with Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia!

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