Thursday, October 13, 2011

Her film anti-TV violence threatens to ban children less than 14 years

Alex, a boy of 8 years, has always been endowed with great sensitivity and an extraordinary imagination.

However, when the mother gives birth to twins, Alex manages to get the parents to have a TV in his room. The boy begins to feed on violent programs and morally harmful, becoming aggressive and violent himself.

This is the story I want to be a soldier, the film directed by Spanish director Christian Molina, Valeria Marini, co-produced by and distributed by Iris Films, which will arrive in Italian cinemas on Friday, October 15.

This is a film that exposes the morally harmful content conveyed by television and the consequences these may have on the growth of children.

The film, for its educational value, was also honored at the Rome Film Festival in the Alice in the city (where the jury is made up of boys between 7 and 14 years) and is sponsored by MOIGE Movement (Parents).

During the press conference presenting the film, however, just the president of MOIGE, Maria Rita Munizzi, he stunned everyone by declaring: "I want to be a soldier is a film of reflection and denunciation. In my opinion, however, should be prohibited less than 14 years. "

The statement has caused no little confusion among the other players in the conference. The director Christian Molina said: "I do not know if this film is banned in Italy, but in Spain, where 19 will be released without any ban, the film has been seen in many schools to the satisfaction of parents and teachers. It is a film for everyone, as evidenced by the fact that he won the Alice in the city. "

Valeria Marini, who makes a cameo in the film in the role of a teacher, I want to be called a soldier, "a protest film, and intelligent." Reporters who have asked whether some programs that participated in the showgirl (such as The Island of the Famous) are not as morally harmful to some violent programs, Valeria replied:

"I do not know if a program is as The Island of the Famous education, but it certainly is not harmful. However in general popular TV and I, returning to the Island, it is a reality show like many others, nothing to do with what the film says Molina. "

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