Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beyonce and the baby-belly-mystery!

Beyonce and her baby bump ... Wat ne strange story. Just yesterday it was announced in February that their offspring will see the light of the world. At the MTV Video Music Awards in August, she surprised everyone with her pot-belly, as it subsequently turned out only prosthesis, should have been.

Reason for this strange request was cheating her to make an even greater cause of the issue - ie the same old story, media coverage, it must be! Now there are new rumors and wild speculation about whether the singer is pregnant because there is, because in an Australian talk show she appeared with strange Knautschbauch, again poured oil on the rumor fire.

Her belly is just a fake? She bears the child is not even out? Everything would not be a problem in the U.S. and gait and grant - but why all the hoopla? Ok, you might be pregnant is pretty hot in Hollywood, but even without the hype surrounding their imminent motherhood was so thick Beyonce in business and has the whole thing but not really necessary. Maybe she just wants the ugly in this way has Jay-Z has long been a child -cover thing ... I'm stumped...

But back to Knautschbauch: At the beginning of the show apparently waddled heavily pregnant (recalculated short - it should be about the 5th month.) Singer in the studio and let himself fall heavily into the chair. And in this movement, it has happened. Her plump belly struck strange wrinkles and was deformed admittedly peculiar.

Or was it just the dress? ... You do not know and that fueled the speculation of course properly. But what now forever behind her belly inserted (maybe a pillow?) - Beyonce seems to be unspeakably proud, so they also stressed pregnant (and oddly styled) in the new clip shows. Let's just show positive and we wish all the best ... very simple

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