Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bowlday 2011: The Bowling Charity Event - These celebrities do not put winning ball!

Who does not know the typical fundraising galas, where the ladies put their new designer gowns on display and between caviar and champagne at an emotional power point presentation of starving children in Africa with her husband a generous donation required?

As long as it works and you money for a good cause come together, I can live with it, even if that's not necessarily my life. Nevertheless, it is still better than nothing to donate or not to engage.

This shows there is another way of "Bowlday 2011," because Waiter brought celebrities like Ralf Richter, Franziska Traub, Joy Abiola, Patrick Mueller, Jacob, along Julian FM Stoeckel, Anthony That, etc., fans and bowling enthusiasts very down to earth while still raising money for charity.

How does this work? Tickets for the Bowlday could be purchased in advance and 29 € from the full 20 € go to the donation account of the Bjorn Schulz Stiftung, the families with seriously ill children actively supported. In addition, each one a fallen bowling pins, and so came together donated € 6535 € in total, are the foundation of a children's hospice in Berlin-Pankow too good.

"Among Us “Abiola Joy and Patrick Muller are in real life, a newly married couple ... "A classic win “and win" situation for fans and a good cause benefiting equally here. Comes as close to the eve of his idols and even those who rarely looks any telenovelas or celebrities in general has nothing on his hat, who could consult on the day of real "bowling pros" or train.

Not only the celebrities, but also all the others were bowling alleys in the Schiller Center unsafe. STRIKE says the Pottschalk, because this event was quite to his taste! On this day, some nice photos were taken, I want you vorenhalten not at this point:

Chic, chic! Kim Gloss, which some might still be known as American Idol-Kim and Kim Debkowski...?

"This is the chic high heels are swapped for bowling shoes ..."
Also very nice! Julian FM Stoeckel and Anthony That.
Bowling Tips! Jacob Waiter Chris Gebert shows how you obtained the right moves!
You want to see more of them? No problem!

I put a few Soap Stars on top, because that gives free house here today:

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