Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here Corey Feldman brings his childhood after

Bouncy castles, slides rubber, carve pumpkins - this pumpkin farm in Los Angeles is already a real autumn wonderland for kids and adults. Also this year, the stars hung around there again and the paparazzi are busy then, of course, not much.

In the middle a former child star gets his lost childhood and youth by: Corey Feldman, some better known than the sweet boy from the movie "The Goonies", slipped wildly yelling with his son tipped over, then cola and smoked butts with extra length.

Psychologists would see here a whole minefield in front of him, especially since Corey in August this year with accusations of pedophilia and accusing all of Hollywood talking about having been abused themselves in the eighties.

Of psychological analysis, but I spare you now better, you would not deprive the nice pictures from a family outing, however, because sometimes pictures speak so much louder than some written word...

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