Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend: Valencia Vintage and Shannen Doherty have done it!

Since it wobbles a bit sleepy on Monday to the office, rummaging through the celebrity of the weekend news and notes: Was quite a lot going before the altars of the world. Of the flash-wedding of the "Twilight" stars Nikki Reed, I told you so already tomorrow today reported already, but they were not yet far from all, who exchanged the rings.

The only difference is, while her husband Paul McDonald Nikki in a small circle swore eternal love to hang it Shannen Doherty and Valencia Vintage (formerly Florian Stoehr) to the very large bell and celebrate their wedding on TV.

The former "Charmed" witch married the photographer Kurt Iswarienko on Saturday in California, the event is broadcast as part of their reality show "Shannen Says" is. For them it is the third marriage. Whether the mission will succeed is doubtful Shannen has not exactly had the best reputation in Hollywood and otherwise it is just not interesting. (Zicke!!) - Sorry, "Beverly Hills" fans! In addition, you should slow in the U.S. a television overkill weddings have, because after all Kim Kardashian Tam is also ... well begrudge the times inclined some viewers pause a kitschy.

Unlike Valencia Vintage: The It Girl proves a better timing (lack of cleverness, you can not really blame her). Your wedding documentary is on the 24th October broadcast on RTL II, on 29 the grand finale in front of the altar.

'I do' even though they gave themselves last Saturday. Proudly that announced the jet provider via Face book "It was such a great party and I am so happy that all feel at home. An unforgettable day, but you will then see eh yes on RTL 2 ".

But back to the perfect timing of the eternally 19-year-old ... In the Big Brother container she made her Flo an application, which attracted great attention. That now had to follow the spectacular wedding it was clear. In this country it is already more open-minded when it comes to reality TV.

BB is passe, a similar format is currently not at the start, the evenings are getting longer, the temperatures are cooler and has even been married a long time no one in public. The last were - if I'm not mistaken - the Wollersheim. The marriage of "Puff Daddy" and his blonde playmate in Las Vegas in March, but found instead - time for more! The Countess at least, professed lover of kitsch and trash must see if only because of the dress...

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