Monday, October 17, 2011

Kelly Osbourne etched (again) against Christina Aguilera!

"How do I get a lot of attention as quickly as possible?", This question must be in Kelly Osbourne's head rumgegeistert, as she was carried away to their latest slanderous attack. After all, her brother Jack will soon be father , mother Sharon has leaked the silicone breasts and Ozzy anyway, there's always something to report.

Kelly on the other hand, was long gone wrote ... Very popular with such an emergency message: Public against other etch! So what would be more natural than to devote him again nemesis Christina Aguilera? The two bitches are already at loggerheads for some time.

Mostly it's about the insult to other than fat . Christina is said to have begun, and after Kelly's successful diet, she has beaten back then ...

But because Christina yet again just because of their weight and the most unflattering clothes stood in the Michael Jackson tribute concert in the media, one can immediately slap on again - a real treat for the zig-heavyweight fight, so to speak. Compared to E! Online, they pimped "They called me fat for years. But I was never bold SO ".

Uh? Excuse? I still remember the old times, when Kelly is not as slim blonde Hollywood teetered on the red carpets, but sat in the booth as pink Pummel hen and hated life. Not to mention that both women are not necessarily refer to as fat, is also here - as always - Omis good old saying: "Those who live in glass houses ...", that's always nice in front of the door sweep, Kelly.

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