Sunday, December 4, 2011

Data Von Tease it knocks the socks of almost

Ohweh, a burlesque queen is not immune to the force of gravity. Dita Von Teese but would almost involuntarily made contact with the hard stone floor, where the bold bodyguard had not caught her. Now whether or not fit the shoes, the ground was a bit too slippery but it would be fatal for the famous bum. Who wants to see an uncovered woman with blue butt-cheeks?

Not that Dita at the end of another in the tea (s) had. After five hours in the Playboy Club is perhaps the one or two champagne bottles have been emptied. Since it was the bit inconvenient, if you do not partner at his side, who can offer a sober one, strong hold. But before Miss von Teese skin before the waiting photographers from the socks, the security is indeed still there. Because somebody has done his job security all the glory.

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