Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lady Gaga: Marry The Night - The infinite "inconsequential" 14 minute video!

Lady Gaga I expect from a simpler! How creative they can be said yes, we can see in their daily changing outfits. Would present their musical creativity rub off on her fashion taste, then they would have to constantly run around in a potato sack.

Speaking of potato sack! In Bielefeld, a sack of potatoes has fallen down - plop! Just as outstanding of the borrowing power of Lady Gaga current video for "Marry the Night", where the potato sack story is easy to understand, at least. "Here's the emergency?" I'm such a bad digestive problems ...”

What will we tell Lady Gaga in her nearly 10-minute video? That life is precious - Daaaankke! The song is still not really hang as "extraordinary" in the ear, because they can not turn elaborate as many videos and wasting millions of dollars. If we leave as Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1 next season to compete with a smart and we tell him that it's a super race car, then he has no chance to win anyway. You understand me Gaga? The charts are on a race track and you're just starting with the wrong vehicle. "The cereal the way, were not the reason for the lousy digestion, but the tightly laced corsets to ..."

I better make a new album as yet more energy to "Born This Way" to waste. Oh I almost forgot, the good lady is naked in latest video. We know, we know we know! All seen a thousand times, heard, read - you'd better set time to "shit", of course, on the song "shit" during their visit to Germany and she has noticed yet, as their fans go for the title. Dear Lady Gaga, give us the REAL SHIT and not so pseudophilosphische Pophysterien Tarnmantel in the vanguard, because my English is not now on also ...

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