Friday, December 16, 2011

Jason Trawick: Britney Spears, he asked on his 40th?

How many times Britney Spears got engaged this year already? Actually, her ring finger should pendants before overflowing when her boyfriend Jason Trawick it actually every ring he had bought supposedly had been infected.

But this time, yes this time, what should really be something, to the engagement rumors. Due to his upcoming 40th Jason will also provide the same birthday, the question of all questions. He had it all planned out exactly know how TMZ wants. In Las Vegas, he would go before his sweetheart on his knees.

However, Britney knows know about the plans, a real surprise is not so. Jason was very traditional with Brits dad even stopped by the hand of his daughter. Oh, but it would finally come out, if the rumors should prove true. However, they should out of sheer exuberance and joy of love is not like running in the Little White Chapel. Britney knows there is indeed suffice.

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