Friday, December 16, 2011

Rooney Mara in the Big Apple - The Posingpleite the Mara sisters

Rooney Mara is traveling at the moment around the world to her new movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" to promote. Together with Daniel Craig, it takes them on 5 January after Germany too.

In advance of the remake of the Stieg Larsson bestseller Rooney had to put up a lot of criticism. Many were not sure whether such a sweet girl can slip into the role of sinister Lisbeth Salander. The result will then be able to examine in brief the cinema. On the red carpet premiere she convinced me yet so real.

With her black hair and the pallor and make her black dress she performed in New York somehow lost. It is uncertain prior to the photo wall, posing not just skillfully, you really want to take it only in the arm and "Everything is good," whispering in his ear. Rooney had been Carpet in the Big Apple by the way still have family supports on the Red. Her older sister, Kate Mara was there.

Which is also an actress and, for example, "127 Hours" and "Broke back Mountain" known. It proves a little more bold colors and wears a salmon-colored dress. The extremely dark hair of the Rooney family resemblance can be pushed into the background. But Kate does not pose just like a professional premiere. Actually quite sweet and the two sisters.

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