Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lana Del Rey earlier - as "Lizzy Grant" does not recognize them again...

It's been just 2 years as "Lana del Rey," or as "Lizzy Grant" was standing on stage and you'd think the whole recordings between these decades, even generations, if not lie. Is this really the same person?

The voice tells it very clearly, that is our 2011 er Lana! Start with the first pop star with an appropriate stage name really truly is not uncommon now, because in spite of great talent and great voice, you need either very lucky or a damned good marketing concept. Kate Hudson from the colorful Katy Perry, was from the Stefani Germanotta Lady Gaga crazy and out of Kesha was the snotty "Ke $ ha", the latter disappears again into obscurity.

What the record companies have squeezed out Lizzy Grant makes just paid in the charts and still I asked myself the question whether it would not be the same song without the image of Lana del Rey started but by that? In the unusually somber-heavy sound, which would guarantee a lot more difficult? The apparent contradiction of their current appearance is exactly the sound that little "feature", the one this woman can not easily forget.

Whether lips, nose, or image, Lana Del Rey has seduced us with her quiet voice and all that is what ultimately also. Their music, their style and their sound is really cool to just relax. A perfect contrast to the hectic Euro-dance-dollar rap crap, because the mass market in production. Thank you Lana, Lizzy, record company or whoever!

As a curious little retro flashback available here again Lizzy Grant at a gig in a small music club. The organizer writes in the video description that he is crazy happy for her success and she was one of the nicest people he had ever met:

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