Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anyone who plays Cinderella's stepsister doing here

For Naomi Rapace what there is to celebrate properly? The original Lisbeth Salander-actress is back to admire the big screen. In the second part of the famous British detective "Sherlock Holmes: Playing in the shadows," she stands next to Robert Jr and Downrey Jew Law before the camera...

After the premiere of the strip, it was for the actors in the Punch Bowl pub, happened to hear the film's director, Guy Ritchie. Apparently there is Naomi a bit exaggerated, but dangerous because they stumbled on the way to the next club.

How good that there are strong bodyguards who can help her in the arduous journey. Actually quite sweet, as they verpeilt looks into the cameras, she probably thinks grad: "Hups, now somehow stupid, right?" Once the pub had closed down, she moved with friends or further in the Box Club, which she then left early by 4 clock.

What must be done well in there, because her feet were covered in blood after the club visit? "Ruckedigu, Ruckedigu, blood in the shoe ...” that was not a good sign for Cinderella at the evil stepsisters. The cuts on the lower legs and ankles seem good but not to interfere. Presumably she has enough alcohol soothing into us that stuns the pain. Waking up this morning may have been funny.

What the hell happened in the locality? Haunt me pictures of shatter glass, broken glass, falling knives or a very nasty paper cut through the head. Bring about shards of happiness when one's feet so they can zersabeln, is unlikely to be the talk of happiness. Much like the stepsisters in the fairy tale it's also for Naomi - with the help of friends - right back home and not to the castle of the prince. Since then she can lick her wounds in peace today.

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