Sunday, December 11, 2011

Michelle Pfeiffer is the Hatcher-forehead wrinkle test, it just goes without Botox

Life is so unfair that I have to say sorry again and again. Why I can not really look like Michelle Pfeiffer? Well, the lady a few years older than me, but despite its 53 years it is still radiantly beautiful. Not even 20, I've looked as good as Madame Pfeiffer with over 50 At the New York premiere of her latest movie "New Year's Eve", which bounces back even half times over the Hollywood screen, Michelle surprised me even more.

In her black dress with a waist belt makes it not only a great figure, she shines with style and elegance of the age. While other 50-year-old long since forgiven his mouth no more, Michelle is the forehead wrinkles test without problems.

About whom or what, Ms. Pfeiffer is surprised here, remains open. But one thing is certain. In front of this lies, as we, thanks to Teri Hatcher r all know, no Botox. Also around the eyes around the good has not as smooth skin, but that's great. That does not change anything on their abilities, yet their achievements, nor to its qualities as a person.

How did people survive merely pre-Botox? Were the states in the Middle Ages, so too bad, because you look at the signs of aging could not be removed by magic injections? The pressure in Hollywood may be great, but what good is it if the women do not show facial expressions more? Best deterrent is supposed to be Nicole Kidman, who has the nerve agent with a bit exaggerated. But every trend come to an end, let us hope that the Botox issue soon resolve by itself. Since suck me but I prefer to ladies aged in dignity, as yet such a disfigured face surgery.


  1. Michelle Pfeiffer is definitely one of my favorite actresses! I thought that she also went through this botox treatment procedure in order to look better and younger. She really is a very gorgeous and sexy woman! I can't wait to see her latest movie "New Year's Eve"!

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