Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello there Popochen: Mariah Carey presents her post-baby body

Uiuiui who holds out for us here, his shapely butt? The curved tail is actually Mariah Carey. Which is indeed to known that will be located in their clothes sewn for years, so that is no more room for breathing air.

In recent years, however, she had a thing or two pounds increased, leading to their brawn-look partly assumed bizarre shapes.

But since her twins Moroccan and Monroe in the world the mother have trained hard for the baby and get rid of other pounds. With success, as it now proves impressively. In the tight black top, the leggings and thigh-boots Mariah makes a really good figure.

Well, the look with the leather bolero in my opinion deserves to no flower pot, but Mariah has returned to old forms. Why such a pregnancy but can be good.

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