Monday, December 19, 2011

Camilla Parker-Bowles 2.0: Prince William loves reality Pippa Middleton

Once again I'm in the National Enquirer found an incredibly credible message that I was very amused. What would the gossip-and-gossip-world without the needle. Especially the British aristocracy is always good for a headline. Prince William and his lovely Duchess are not even married one year since the worst rumors are equally loud.

Not only that, Duchess Kate is constantly staring at the uterus, her husband should be secretly in love with one another. Even when Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Camilla Parker-Bowles jostled always in between, this parallel will now give it back for the next-generation heir to the throne. None other than Williams and Sister Pippa Middleton is the secret of his beloved princes. "William has fallen in love with Pippa hard; he can no longer avert their eyes from her. William Harry have used to conceal his intentions, he may Pippa near, without notice it, "says the infamous insider.

My God, what they know everything. Extremely amazing. William Christmas should also want to drive again be foul play. You've Pippa the Christmas season on the royal estate of Harry invited pastime, which is the perfect excuse. Of course in the UK right now is burning the hut, for fear the insider, confidant and friend, that this love triangle is not only the marriage of the heir, but also the entire British Empire could inflict serious damage. "Pippa is his absolute dream woman. We can only pray that he comes to it senses and desist ", is pleaded in the magazine. Yes, and I can only pray that not too many people fall for the ballyhoo.


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