Monday, December 19, 2011

Sophia Thomalla shows "heart", skin and hair

Even more heart Sophia Thomalla would probably show only if she would have run during open heart surgery on the red carpet. In ultra-deep neckline made her happy photographers and spectators on the "A Heart for Children" gala.

Since RECOURSE not leave much room for imagination, at the neckline. Against the breast may be the best will say nothing. Everything is right where it belongs; there is nothing to see, to see what no one else. However, it is not the candor which strikes me negatively. Rather, it is always the blond hair of Miss Thomalla and the slightly exaggerated, tried-lascivious expression. What the hell happened to her lips.

They were in a few weeks ago but still not as big business. Of course everything can be due to the Frisch Blondie ten hair colors. If there is not even entered the ohovensche optical illusion effect. Laughed for the cameras is apparently no longer. The good old bedroom eyes, however, require some practice to work properly. Otherwise, it is unfortunately rather sleepy from as objectionable. A feast for the eyes is not. Good thing Sophia's neck is so handsome...

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