Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld's nasty fat Diss against Adele: The Dick Hardy vs. duel!

When upset Karl Lagerfeld about Heidi Klum, I can still laugh, because his "The person we know, Paris is not" my magic always a sardonic smile on your face when I for the umpteenth time the ridiculous Coke Light advertising stressed the icon wannabe runway look.

His way of handing out compliments is just as little restraint as a white powdered Diss by Grandpa. Adele finds it is in principle quite cool, but there's one thing that bothers him but ... "Adele is just the thing. It is a bit too bold, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.

"Thank you Well, I would think now if I had insulted this old man for a few pounds more, even though he probably just the bitter-honest Haute couture "Hot or blob" was wearing glasses. Surely he must pay attention to his business in bony dimensions, a singer who has nothing to do with it but to reduce their body weight is, but not easy.

"Hey, you're fat but a little bit, but sing Kannste yes", is not flattering in any way, but just superficially stupid. Pull yourself to the belt, Charles, because you can not allow you all!

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