Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rihanna has changed once again own hairstyle

It has missed the Pottschalk in his holiday time’s total! The Rihanna has once again taken a new hairstyle and whether now is the "cut", "Wig" or a perfect cut wig, because I'm just experimenting with our hairstyles wonder not so sure.

In any case, they would at least in the current Madame Tussauds pass as "Tina Turner" double, because the demands on the wax figures are now applications for crude. "Please do not touch" it was said earlier and as seen from the dolls are really gespentisch alive, now you have changed the authenticity against the "hap tic experience" factor.

It makes zugegebnermaßen very much fun to produce with plastic dolls, but unfortunately it did not command that this compromise to the detriment of quality.

Well Rihanna is once again blonde is a little different than usual and the next "good" single release probably already on the plan, because " You Da One "I find annoying now than ever and I am glad that you seem to on the radio but more often to "We found Love" picks up, because the song still rocks ....

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