Monday, January 2, 2012

The auditory Sweden drink for young and old!

Every year this caustic question: Well, even New Year's Eve plans? Then these people who want to sell you this torture than fun: we make fondue at home with us and after the pouring of lead we all go to the Brandenburg Gate and come on!

All lead and casters and fondue-eaters should be said that the first point I do not bother, but I can not explain to me why people do this voluntarily Tor-torture. Caustic sip in the stand-cold, mostly over the whole day, if you value the moronic stage program at close range, plastic glasses with thick gloves and a red nose Lid l shower, push themselves thereby from stultifying Suffnasen, mob and can touch at the very worst - of this Brandenburg Gate is a den of iniquity, I tell you!

You notice, perhaps, that I this mainstream event for young, old, Dick and Doof abgewinnen can not do much and that may be because there's always that only the creme de la creme of musical bore occurs. Also this year the line-up all my fears exceed: Udo Juergens, DJ Bobo, The BossHoss, Marianne Rosenberg, Hermes House Band and Culture Beat vomit with Da wish-we-even-yet-to-stars Andrew Bourani, Cassandra Wilson, Brandon Flowers and Glass Bead Game, the jack in the hand. Moment, because I have not yet forgotten anyone Jaha! The year 2012 could not start better, of course, as with the turning-hit "Wind of Change", sung live by the Scorpions!

"Is that Wind of Change at the Brandenburg Gate? Hopefully Klaus flies away the ugly hot” Anyone who has just invented this creative coup? The icing on the inane conversation is then moderation talent DJ Otzi, who rounds out the Mallorca-feeling. Only this much: I'm glad to be able to escape this annual spectacle of myself again and celebrate my new year dear to the coast. Although I may as well as one or the other party song fly around the ears, but at least there no one forces me to the collective Ringelpiez with the Brandenburg village elite, middle-moms and Spandau Spacken...

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