Friday, December 23, 2011

I know what the little Honor Marie gets to Christmas!

Oh really? But yes and no I'm not clairvoyant, but the current paparazzi photos of Jessica Alba is the surprise can not be overlooked. A pink Barbie XXL Mustang. Krreeeeiscchhh! Mama Alba, do you like me just once adopted?

Joking aside, but such a small electric car has the Pottschalk also always wanted. Maybe not in pink, but in red, but at the part I would sometimes make an exception. At least I had a car and Bobby is in the "cult following" is not unbeatable, but also a lot of ecological! The stroller is the way small and Haven case you were also just asks if Barbie's big dream car at all fit in the trunk...

Then their response is not yet in this photo, but tell him to listen to loud the helpful staff of the toy-shop but have yet to get clean somehow. What a service it? In America not for the celebrities and that is one of the few things for you Americans envy our genuine. In this country, one must indeed be grateful to be allowed time to buy anything...

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