Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shakira's Bollywood obsession may land her a movie role

In her conquest of the universe, one hip shake at a time, Colombian pop diva Shakira is setting her sights on the big screen, With what she Hopes Will Be a starring role in an upcoming Bollywood flick titled 'Desire.'

Directed by Academy Award nominee Enamul Karim Nirhar, the film will likely be shot in Scotland, According To the Daily Record. Shakira tambien is talking to record the film's soundtrack With the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The multi-instrumentalist and belly dancer recently Turned 35 , and although she's Dominated the Latin and English-speaking music charts for years, particularly with Such hits as "Whenever, Wherever, '' Underneath Your Clothes 'and the more recent,' Hips Don 't Lie, "earning four American Music Awards, six Billboard Music Awards and two Grammys, Including earning Latin Grammy's Person of the Year last year , she Remains a true icon in her philanthropic Enterprises, With her children's Barefoot Foundation, Which she started at 19. And she wants to make her mark in Bollywood.

The film will center on how wreaks havoc desire in people's lives and tambien September to shoot in London and Dover, England. The singer is a huge fan of Bollywood. In 2006, she asked Indian choreographer Farah Khan to put together a dance number for her, Which Became an integral part later of her 'Hips Do not Lie' performance for the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards, she wore Which in traditional Indian clothing.

That performance became the inspiration for the song's video. She has Also Been Influenced by her Arab heritage, telling Portuguese TV That "Many of my Movements belong to Arab culture." According To the BBC, Khan said the singer picked up the Bollywood steps for the Show with only four hours of rehearsals the night before.

"Shakira is one of the MOST fabulous dancers in the world now, and since the performance highly WAS talked about, there was tremendous pressure to do well," she said. According To the Times of India, Shakira WAS approached in 2010 to star in the Bollywood Indian 3D flick 'Kali: The Warrior Goddess,' playing the starring role as Kali. That Was Never produced film.


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