Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lady GaGa world tour poster provided by "Mother Monster" Fear and Loathing

Hue Buh!  Buhuu!  Soon is the witching hour at the Gaga-land and the mother of all monsters is back on earth walk with Medusa-look and hunger make up their trailer to the common howling lead. 

Lady Gaga goes on world tour and has now tweeted ever, the new tour poster because they know, of course, how to lick their fingers after a monstrous followers appetizers Gaga. 

The little picture in itself is unusual usual, the gloom, unicorn-colored lights and the dark castle let me now sometimes suggest that it is "A Hell of a Show" is, how the British say so.  

 How will the stage look like Dracula's castle, which she tweeted, this in another post?

 Yes they should but, in terms of entertainment value has actually never really failed Gaga and her stage shows are certainly times one or the other look.  Whether the wife looks over with a penchant for alternative image in Germany?  We are finding out soon!

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