Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adele: Wow, what a wife - please do not stop!

The current Vogue cover makes me really ready ... My goodness, Adele does it look great! The cat’s eyes and sensuous lips make an Angelina Jolie loose competition, the flowing hair and great curves - just fantastic! But what's in the magazine is anything but fantastic.

Adele will first take a break - five years! Having just cleared six Grammy’s has, she wants now - at the previous peak of her career - take time for their new love Simon Konecki marry, have kids and planted a vegetable garden. 

All of this was the newly in love, of course, granted by the heart, but at this point I'm also a little selfish. I want more of Adele! More music! More great pictures! But all clear how I could read well, that wonder voice rowed back with her statement. 

On their side they now wrote: "I now have a couple of days off, then the Brit Awards are here at home and then it goes straight into the studio. BOYYAHH! Five years? Probably more like five days! "Their spokesman also said that the statement in the Vogue just a" spontaneous comment was tossed. “Phew, lucky again, but please Adele Jag 'never scared me one!

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