Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shocking! Taylor Momsen looks like a lady!

Suspenders, stringy hair, leather jackets and raccoon makeup - in this look at Taylor Momsen, we have been accustomed.  For the Marchesa fashion show at New York Fashion Week, we were surprised by "Raccoon McPantless" as the starlet Celebrity affectionately called, but now in a magical, midnight blue lace dress. 

  This elegant cream-colored pumps and plugged hair together.  But their panda-eyes still remember the bitch-Lodder look. Sent correctly the little fellow has just as they thought that "The Pretty Reckless" singer could shock you with nothing more, she is suddenly back on Gossip Girl and brave is now on everyone's lips. 

 I like it pretty comfortable in the outfit really well; it just does not seem, however.  That seems a little awkward posing and her facial expressions speak volumes.  Therefore, the following forecast: Look at the pretty quickly tired of Taylor; soon we get them again so that is to face...

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