Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simulated sexes talk only - Anyone who knows what else...

On Wednesday, the Bachelor Paul still three ladies to whom he could give his heart and two roses, for a short walk in front of the Finals had yet.  

 The blonde decided to Sissi and Anja, Katja Talkerin so against sex.  Already in the program, the good has rarely (Rose) mince his mouth and over it went with her to one thing: sex, hihihi.  Without an awkward teenage laughter the words were often on their lips. 

  She also posed in every imaginable situation before the camera, even had the intimate kiss with Paul to keep an eye on technology and bared her bosom and happy times.  Actually it is a mixture of Micaela Schaefer and Jay Khan who stood out with very similar qualities in the jungle camp.  But back to Katya.  Since she now has no chance at a life together with Paul, is being sought to strike back. 

 In the Bunte she talks now get this straight: "My statements about sex were played and exaggerated, I have partly already talked a bit about the head and neck, and especially since constantly alcohol was involved." Now but not back the booze the blame for everything to give. 

  Actually, they've also never want to win because Paul was not her type, and really in love, as shown in the last episode, she had not been.  May be it is a tiny bit.  They have in the show just simply does its job and such, however, until at last manage three.  

 Congratulations to my hand so much foresight.  Whether their statements regarding Anja weight were well played?  Because that would be, after all, something that Paul could disturb the competitor and she herself would fit so much better equipped to figure Bachelor.  That they with such slogans and fake sex talk not just comes across as the popular television will you ever be clear.

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