Saturday, February 18, 2012

Toddlers & Tiaras Mother and Cindy aus Marzahn

So slowly but surely approaching the end of my pregnancy and I ask myself all the time what my daughter is probably a man.  What they definitely do not want to be, a bellow from the U.S. show "Toddlers & Tiaras."  Since mothers are shown to do anything that their little darlings to be beauty queens, whether with or Umschnallbusen "Pretty Woman" hookers look.

 Absolute low point here is June and their daughter, Alanna, and "Boo Honey Child" called.  I wonder why that participates in such competitions at all; really pretty I can not find the short that is.  But it apart her mother's dulle totally in the brain.

She gives her daughter a go-go juice to drink, if I've understood correctly, a mixture of Red Bull and soda that you shoot well is fine indeed turned up on the stage.  With six times I was allowed to drink a glass shower degrees on grandma's birthday and showered her daughter with sugar and energy drinks. 

 Presumably it also sips turn himself happy, which would explain their corpulence.  In the talk show from Anderson Cooper now the mothers were given make-over times and missed could get into the favorite outfit of her daughters.  Then I suddenly realized where Cindy aus Marzahn take her fashion inspiration.   

The same is still like a bacon rind of the other.  Brought the action, of course, nothing, because June is still convinced that it makes her daughter's great fun to aufzuhubschen and to go to these competitions.  I can connect as Michael K of dlisted only; the two are a perfect example of sterilization.


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