Saturday, May 5, 2012

NOT FUNNY! Child in front of the lion's cage as a "feed-Attrite"!

"Now you excited but at times, you were at all times been at the zoo?  The tank is glass; because nothing could happen glisten "You Tube comments" is one of the most "in the text.  You should take all the stick from your ass and do not take everything so seriously.  Oh yeah?  Even if the child was exposed to imminent danger, there are plenty more reasons to get excited here.

  Do you have to provoke such a shit anyway?  Absolutely” NOT FUNNY" because the circumstances are natural and simple unfair.  In the wild, the parents of their child would still expose not before a lion, but in front of a caged wild animal must have indeed no respect ... yes, yes, yes ... this is just about a totally arrogant anti-social attitude of the Pottschalk says even without a stick in the ass.

 This action was simply time for the full ass, because they not only figuratively totally disturbing acts, but unnecessarily exploit the captivity of an animal.  Before making this argument is not attached to any zoo visitors as automatically guilty?  As far as I would not lean out the window, but you should not tease the animals also have so much respect and should be as socially responsible beings actually do not have...


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