Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Belinda breaks silence and speaks of intimate photographs

Recently, a magazine published photographs bag of Singer Belinda in tremendous joke , this gave a lot of talk and forced the singer to comment on the matter.

"I will never surrender" were the famous words of Belinda as they say she can not believe that Diaz Saymon who looks in the photos has been the one to publish them.

According to her, thinking that someone wants to hurt him and continued:
"I will never surrender. Say what you say, whatever they do, I'm not giving up, sorry."
If she does not give up, maybe the will to surrender because of continuing around naked, in some way hinder her career and reputation.

More and more credit is given to the words of Niurka Marcos when he says that there are many dead flies in show business, so innocent and incapable of doing such things, but the pictures coming out proving otherwise.

The list of men of Beli still growing, just began, Pepe Diaz, Mohamend Morales, Giovani Dos Santos, Mario Domm and the Dominican Diaz Saymon photos.


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